Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vandit Records(Germany) joins forces with Armada Music(Dutch)

Vandit Records,A Record company by Legendary Paul Van Dyk joins hands with Armada,the record label of no# 1 Dj Armin Van Buuren.
Now a million Dollar Question,"will the business alliance gainful for the actual Consumers?For all those who prefer buying Original CDs/DVDs and Download form legal stores like iTunes,will this be fruitful?" and the biggest question comes out that"what difference does it make after the alliance?will it improve the Trance Community?".

Is the alliance made to gain some monopoly in the Trance Music Scene?One of may pals who is into Psychedelic and Goa said "most of these(goa/Psy,etc ) tracks are released underground and Most of the popular Trance Genre released these days are Uplifting and progressive.Even at radio shows like State of Trance and Trance Around the world,they do not often play Goa and psychedelic Trance.So whats in for us with this alliance?"

So now The Record labels have joined their hands can we expect song which features Paul van dyk and Armin both?

Well,as i said there are many questions left unanswered and as the time passes by they will be answered.

I have always been a Fan of Paul van dyk ever since i remember listening to Trance and i consider Armin My god.Hope this alliance beings us something special.

Here are some words from both the company's Managing Directors...

Paul van Dyk, managing director of VANDIT: “Two power houses of electronic music join forces. The symbiosis of creative power, expertise and market impact by VANDIT and Armada Music will set a new milestone in electronic music”.

Maykel Piron, Managing Director of Armada Music: ”For 10 years, VANDIT has been releasing high quality music. It’s a great honor to continue building up this fantastic brand together with Paul and his team”.

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-Dj Pratt


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