Thursday, January 20, 2011

Trance Family Uses our Mnemonic As Profile PiC

Well,Someone asked me what is the most popular #mark you use while tweeting?My answer was (Yes you guessed it Right!) "#Trancefamily.
After so many years of its formation,THOE(Trance Heaven On Earth) has at-last got some tiny recognition.
I Want to Thank the person behind the like page of TranceFamily on Facebook.
Lastly i want to also reveal a news that i m also working on my new Trance Blog.(This does not mean that i m gonna delete this one :P ).This blog will Feature all the Premium posts from that blog.
When this new Blog is gonna release?Very Soon!
Till Then
Keep Tranceing
Trance Forever
Prashant Sani

PS:Big Hugs To #TranceFamily Like page owner