Monday, May 17, 2010

Susana – Closer Album Review

Hey ya trance Fellows,
Presenting you the latest trance sensation "Susana". If u love trance vocals and haven't yet heard this album,you are really missing something.Released on 14 th May 2010,This Album is one of the perfect example of Great electronic Dance music.
I have been a great fan of Susana's song specially "if you should go now".The first time i heard the track was on Armin Only Concert 2006 DVD.Since then i m in love with the song.When i came to know the alliance with The Buzzard of Norway,I was in 7 heavens since I m a big fan of the Blizzard.Here are the 2 promotional official videos from the album -" Closer "and " If you should go now "

Well there were couple of places i felt the album was going more towards pop then trance.The reason is simple Trance Tracks are usually gigantic as they create a journey, an experience.

I have bought a digital copy of the Album and recommend every one to buy a original CD and not download it from any torrent/HTTP file sharing site.

1 Closer (feat. Omnia & The Blizzard)
2 Give Me Faith (Susana & Mike Shiver)
3 Nothing At All (Susana feat. Rex Mundi)
4 Frozen
5 Sleepless Ocean (Susana feat. Dark Matters)
6 Wired (feat. Dash Berlin)
7 The Other Side (feat. Tenishia)
8 Sunrise (feat. Stoneface & Terminal)
9 Never Mine (feat. Jorn van Deynhoven)
10 Fall In Deep (feat. Julian Vincent)
11 Unwind Me (feat. Dark Matters)
12 Connection (feat. Espen Gulbrandsen)
13 If I Could (feat. Bart Claessen)
14 Running On Your Love (feat. A Force)
15 If You Should Go (feat. Armin van Buuren)

Album Rating:-7.5 Stars out of 10