Friday, September 9, 2011

New Release -Christopher Lawrence -Tremor

Winner of ‘America’s Best DJ’ (DJ Times, 2008) and “Best American DJ” at the IDMA’s, Christopher Lawrence is set to release his new EP titled “Tremor” on Pharmacy Music Label on September 20th.
"Tremor" also comes with two fantastic remixes. The first from German techno pioneer Talla 2XLC and his production partner Robert Burian, giving the track a more techno feel while at the same time expanding on the melody line when it hits the break.
The second remix is from Sean J. Morris who takes “Tremor” one step further with his super charged sound and hands in the air breakdown.

  1. Tremor
  2. Tremor (Sean J. Morris Remix)
  3. Tremor (Talla 2XLC & Robert Burian Remix)
Christopher Lawrence - Tremor by fanmanager

We,the team of Trance Heaven On Earth wish good luck to Christopher Lawrence for his release.

Keep Trancing :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Trance Family Uses our Mnemonic As Profile PiC

Well,Someone asked me what is the most popular #mark you use while tweeting?My answer was (Yes you guessed it Right!) "#Trancefamily.
After so many years of its formation,THOE(Trance Heaven On Earth) has at-last got some tiny recognition.
I Want to Thank the person behind the like page of TranceFamily on Facebook.
Lastly i want to also reveal a news that i m also working on my new Trance Blog.(This does not mean that i m gonna delete this one :P ).This blog will Feature all the Premium posts from that blog.
When this new Blog is gonna release?Very Soon!
Till Then
Keep Tranceing
Trance Forever
Prashant Sani

PS:Big Hugs To #TranceFamily Like page owner