Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Premium Torrent websites VS Free torrent sites-part2

(i know how tempting is to read this one,but please do refer the previous post,Premium Torrent websites VS Free torrent sites-part1 before going through this one!)

Advantages of Premium Torrent Sites!

I got a reply from a friend who says you have been very rude to Premium sites and i m sure your blog will get negative response from them!I said "that's very nice",Firstly because i will get good response from free sites! and secondly I don't want be friends with those who spread Piracy!haha!

But everyday is not Sunday!As today evening the moon will rise,so will the Reputation of these sites on THOE(Trance Heaven On Earth).I like premium websites a lot because of their rich content and the bonus features.For every hour you seed you get a bonus.Now if the premium torrent sites are subject specific(for instance a Trance torrent sites which gives you only trance torrents)its vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sauce.You don't need to search through so many torrents,whatever you want is already filtered on the sites.Another example is tvtorrents which has tonnes of (yea you guessed it right)TV series torrents.

On a contradiction to what i said earlier,"Topic/subject specific torrent sites" have huge number of seeders as compared to free torrent sites.

Advantages of Free Torrent Sites!
No registration,No ratios,No fees,etc I have praised free sites so much some people have been thinking that I already have one!haha

Advantages of HTTP Transfer over torrents!
Haan?yea i know you are surprised how i have now twisted the topic to "Free torrent Sites Vs Premum torrent sites Vs HTTP transfer!!"

HTTP transfers ( like downloading from Rapidshare, filefactory, depositfiles, mediafire, megaupload, etc) have wider range of files and when the seeds are low and the file is rare,that is the best way to download and you get great speed

Advantages of torrents over HTTP Transfer!
What happens when your downloading through HTTP and Internet fluctuates or disconnects even for a minute?You cannot resume the download and you have to download all over again!
In torrents you can stop/pause torrents and they can resume at any time,any date!

So which System is better for downloading music,movies?Free torrent sites,Premium Torrent sites or HTTP transfers?I will surely give a reply to this in my next post tomorrow.
Till then trance forever!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Premium Torrent websites VS Free torrent sites(1)

Premium Torrent websites VS Free torrent sites(part1)

This topic is exclusively written for places like India where we have absolutely no restriction downloading through torrents.Well its a very confusing and interesting topic to discuss whether to download from Premium torrent sites(like demoniod,funfile,trancebooster) in which we require registration before downloading anything OR to Download from Free torrent sites like mininova.og,piratebay and torrentreactor.net(which offer you download without registration).Any ways either you download from a free torrent site or a premium torrent site you are contributing to piracy!So as far as possible buy CDs and support Artists!

Coming to my wonderful experience of a premium trance torrent site(trancebooster.net),I had absolutely no day when i did not surf the site,downloaded lot of music,Music Videos and now....its GONE!Yes i m right the site is shut down,I dont know for what reason but its true~Now coming to my experience of premium torrent sites like funfile.org,The site with a rich content,anything new and i m sure that comes on that site first!But,Whenever i search anything old or rare torrents i end up with torrents having very less seeders or no seeders at all.

Downloading quality torrents comes with a price.In all of the premium sites you have to keep a ratio that is how much u download you have to upload the same amount or a part of it.Of course u have some of the torrents free,but still you have to maintain the ratio.If you are a Richie rich u may

So What are better?Premium Torrent Sites or Free sites...The discussion Continues!
Trance 4ver!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Birthday THOE!
Its the birthday of the community which was born on 27 june 2008 on orkut!
MOreover not only on orkut but Trance Heaven On Earth(THOE) has spread to facebook and has a blog!
I assure ya more of trance and more of news and fun here in this second year!

Congratz to THOE,me(obviously) and of course you all members!
Thanks for all the support!
Pratt=owner THOE/Trance Heaven On Earth

Friday, June 26, 2009

R.I.P Michael Jackson!

As i saw the sky,the dark clouds made me feel that the sky is in deep pain and it was weeping in form of rain!

Its a very sad day for music and all the music lovers that a "the God of pop" has stepped in heaven leavin us in total exasparation.

The God above may be happy to have him but for us we are very sad that we have lost him!

Michael Jackson forever!